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At its core, Directi is like a playground for tech enthusiasts. Imagine a space where innovation is the daily game, and “problem-solving” is everyone’s middle name. Founded in 1998 by Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia, this powerhouse isn’t just a company—it’s a creative hub where fresh ideas turn into real-world solutions. With a focus on web products and services like domain registration, web hosting, and cybersecurity, Directi is committed to simplifying digital life for millions of users around the globe.

So, why should you, as an IT professional, consider joining Directi? Well, it’s simple! Directi offers a world where your skill set is not just appreciated but is continuously nurtured. Imagine getting paid to work on projects that interest you and having the freedom to innovate. From fostering a culture of continuous learning to offering a work environment that feels like a second home, Directi is a dream spot for those who live and breathe technology. It’s where you get to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry. The benefits and perks are just the cherry on top!

If you’re after a place that values creativity, respects your ideas, and offers endless opportunities for growth, then Directi is where you want to be. Ready to step into a world of endless possibilities?

Recruitment Process at Directi

1. MCQ Round

  • For Software Engineers:
    • Topics Covered: Data Structures, Algorithms, Basic Programming, and Operating System concepts.
    • Duration: 30 minutes.
    • Negative Marking: Yes, so candidates need to be careful while answering.
  • For Operation Engineers:
    • Customized Questions: Tailored to suit the role of an Operation Engineer.
    • Topics: Operating System, Computer Networks, Algorithms, and Data Structure.
    • Negative Marking: Yes, similar to the Software Engineers’ round.

2. Coding Round

  • Platform: Conducted on CodeChef.
  • Questions: 2 to 3 coding questions.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Focus: Tests your coding skills, data structures, and algorithmic thinking.

3. Technical Rounds

  • Technical Round 1:
    • Focus: Data structures, algorithms, and other computer science fundamentals.
    • Additional Questions: Could include questions about your past projects and experiences.
  • Technical Round 2:
    • Depth: More detailed than the first round.
    • Real-Time Questions: Could include situation-based questions related to technology.

4. HR-cum-Technical Round

  • Nature: More technical than HR.
  • Topics: Questions can be related to open-source or latest technologies like GitHub.
  • Additional Questions: Algorithmic questions and puzzles to test your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

5. Additional Insights

  1. Adaptability Across Roles: Directi tailors its MCQ round for different roles, indicating a role-specific approach to hiring.
  2. Coding Platform: The use of CodeChef for the coding round shows Directi’s emphasis on strong algorithmic skills, aligning with its tech-centric culture.
  3. HR and Technical Blend: The final round being a blend of HR and technical questions reflects Directi’s holistic approach to candidate assessment, looking for both soft skills and technical expertise.

Exploring Directi’s Internships for Students

As students, it’s natural to be curious about the vast world of technology and innovation. Directi, a global tech conglomerate, offers a range of internships, programs, and competitive events that are designed to ignite your passion for technology and provide you with invaluable learning experiences. In this article, we will delve into the various opportunities that Directi offers to students, with a focus on English words that are easy to understand for 8th graders or students.

1. Salary Packages

  • Stipend: Directi offers a competitive stipend to its interns, which is often higher than industry standards. The stipend can vary depending on the role and location.
  • Additional Benefits: Apart from the stipend, interns may also receive benefits like free meals, transportation, and access to recreational facilities.
  • Performance Bonus: Some roles offer a performance-based bonus at the end of the internship period.

2. Job Roles Offered

  • Software Development Intern: This role involves coding, debugging, and working on various software projects. Interns get hands-on experience in technologies like Java, Python, or C++.
  • Product Management Intern: Interns in this role work closely with the product team to analyze market trends, user behavior, and contribute to product strategy.
  • Data Science Intern: This role involves working with large datasets to derive insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • UI/UX Design Intern: Interns work on designing user interfaces and improving user experience across various Directi products.
  • Marketing Intern: This role involves working on marketing campaigns, social media, and content creation.

3. How to Apply

  1. Online Application: The first step is to visit the Directi careers page and look for internship openings that match your skills and interests.
  2. Resume Submission: Submit your resume along with any other required documents. Make sure your resume is updated and tailored to the role you’re applying for.
  3. Screening: After submission, your application will be screened by the HR team. If shortlisted, you’ll be contacted for the next steps.
  4. Interview Rounds: Depending on the role, you may have to go through one or more rounds of interviews. These could be technical interviews, aptitude tests, or HR interviews.
  5. Offer: If you successfully pass all the rounds, you’ll receive an internship offer. Once you accept, you’ll be given further details about your joining date and other formalities.

Top 135 Questions Asked in Directi

Arrays and Strings

  1. Two Sum: LeetCode Link
  2. Three Sum: LeetCode Link
  3. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock: LeetCode Link
  4. Contains Duplicate: LeetCode Link
  5. Maximum Subarray: LeetCode Link
  6. Valid Palindrome: LeetCode Link
  7. Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters: LeetCode Link
  8. Longest Palindromic Substring: LeetCode Link
  9. Reverse String: LeetCode Link
  10. Group Anagrams: LeetCode Link
  11. Container With Most Water: LeetCode Link
  12. Trapping Rain Water: LeetCode Link
  13. Longest Consecutive Sequence: LeetCode Link
  14. Product of Array Except Self: LeetCode Link
  15. Merge Intervals: LeetCode Link
  16. Valid Parentheses: LeetCode Link
  17. Word Ladder: LeetCode Link
  18. Longest Common Prefix: LeetCode Link
  19. Minimum Size Subarray Sum: LeetCode Link
  20. Rotate Array: LeetCode Link
  21. Subarray Sum Equals K: LeetCode Link

Linked Lists

  1. Reverse Linked List: LeetCode Link
  2. Middle of the Linked List: LeetCode Link
  3. Merge Two Sorted Lists: LeetCode Link
  4. Remove Nth Node From End of List: LeetCode Link
  5. Palindrome Linked List: LeetCode Link
  6. Detect Cycle in a Linked List: LeetCode Link
  7. Intersection of Two Linked Lists: LeetCode Link
  8. Copy List with Random Pointer: LeetCode Link
  9. Add Two Numbers as Linked Lists: LeetCode Link
  10. Flatten a Multilevel Doubly Linked List: LeetCode Link
  11. Rotate List: LeetCode Link
  12. Swap Nodes in Pairs: LeetCode Link
  13. Reverse Nodes in k-Group: LeetCode Link
  14. Odd Even Linked List: LeetCode Link
  15. Remove Duplicates from Sorted List: LeetCode Link
  16. Remove Duplicates from Sorted List II: LeetCode Link
  17. Remove Linked List Elements: LeetCode Link
  18. Partition List: LeetCode Link
  19. Add Two Numbers II: LeetCode Link
  20. Reverse Linked List II: LeetCode Link

Trees and Graphs

  1. Binary Tree Inorder Traversal: LeetCode Link
  2. Symmetric Tree: LeetCode Link
  3. Maximum Depth of Binary Tree: LeetCode Link
  4. Path Sum: LeetCode Link
  5. Binary Tree Level Order Traversal: LeetCode Link
  6. Word Ladder: LeetCode Link
  7. Number of Islands: LeetCode Link
  8. Course Schedule: LeetCode Link
  9. Clone Graph: LeetCode Link
  10. Word Search: LeetCode Link
  11. Word Search II: LeetCode Link
  12. Surrounded Regions: LeetCode Link
  13. Pacific Atlantic Water Flow: LeetCode Link
  14. Minimum Height Trees: LeetCode Link
  15. Alien Dictionary: LeetCode Link
  16. Graph Valid Tree: LeetCode Link
  17. Word Break: LeetCode Link
  18. Word Break II: LeetCode Link
  19. Word Search: LeetCode Link
  20. Longest Increasing Path in a Matrix: LeetCode Link
  21. Reconstruct Itinerary: LeetCode Link
  22. Minimum Genetic Mutation: LeetCode Link
  23. Evaluate Division: LeetCode Link
  24. Friend Circles: LeetCode Link
  25. Sentence Similarity II: LeetCode Link
  26. Sentence Similarity: LeetCode Link
  27. Longest Consecutive Sequence: LeetCode Link
  28. Graph Connectivity With Threshold: LeetCode Link
  29. Graph Connectivity With Threshold: LeetCode Link
  30. Graph Connectivity With Threshold: LeetCode Link

Dynamic Programming

  1. Climbing Stairs: LeetCode Link
  2. Coin Change: LeetCode Link
  3. Longest Increasing Subsequence: LeetCode Link
  4. Maximum Subarray: LeetCode Link
  5. House Robber: LeetCode Link
  6. Word Break: LeetCode Link
  7. Unique Paths: LeetCode Link
  8. Edit Distance: LeetCode Link
  9. Longest Palindromic Substring: LeetCode Link
  10. Decode Ways: LeetCode Link
  11. Minimum Path Sum: LeetCode Link
  12. Coin Change 2: LeetCode Link
  13. Subarray Sum Equals K: LeetCode Link
  14. Unique Binary Search Trees: LeetCode Link
  15. Longest Common Subsequence: LeetCode Link
  16. Longest Palindromic Subsequence: LeetCode Link
  17. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock: LeetCode Link
  18. Wildcard Matching: LeetCode Link
  19. Combination Sum IV: LeetCode Link
  20. Jump Game: LeetCode Link

Sorting and Searching

  1. Merge Intervals: LeetCode Link
  2. Meeting Rooms II: LeetCode Link
  3. K Closest Points to Origin: LeetCode Link
  4. Sort Colors: LeetCode Link
  5. Top K Frequent Elements: LeetCode Link
  6. Search in Rotated Sorted Array: LeetCode Link
  7. First Bad Version: LeetCode Link
  8. Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array: LeetCode Link
  9. Median of Two Sorted Arrays: LeetCode Link
  10. Search a 2D Matrix: LeetCode Link
  11. Majority Element: LeetCode Link
  12. Intersection of Two Arrays II: LeetCode Link
  13. First Missing Positive: LeetCode Link
  14. H-Index II: LeetCode Link
  15. Find Peak Element: LeetCode Link

Recursion and Backtracking

  1. Subset Sum: LeetCode Link
  2. Permutations: LeetCode Link
  3. Combination Sum: LeetCode Link
  4. N-Queens: LeetCode Link
  5. Palindrome Partitioning: LeetCode Link
  6. Generate Parentheses: LeetCode Link
  7. Letter Combinations of a Phone Number: LeetCode Link
  8. Word Search: LeetCode Link
  9. Restore IP Addresses: LeetCode Link
  10. Generate Abbreviations: LeetCode Link
  11. Subsets II: LeetCode Link
  12. Combinations: LeetCode Link
  13. Sudoku Solver: LeetCode Link
  14. Beautiful Arrangement: LeetCode Link
  15. Combination Sum II: LeetCode Link
  16. Kth Permutation Sequence: LeetCode Link
  17. Palindrome Partitioning II: LeetCode Link
  18. Wildcard Matching: LeetCode Link
  19. Gray Code: LeetCode Link
  20. Word Break II: LeetCode Link


  1. Two Sum: Find two numbers in an array that add up to a specific target. LeetCode Link
  2. Valid Anagram: Determine if two strings are anagrams of each other. LeetCode Link
  3. Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters: Find the length of the longest substring without repeating characters. LeetCode Link
  4. Group Anagrams: Group anagrams together from a given list of strings. LeetCode Link
  5. Contains Duplicate: Check if an array contains any duplicates. LeetCode Link
  6. Single Number: Find the single number in an array where every element appears twice except for one. LeetCode Link
  7. Intersection of Two Arrays: Find the intersection of two arrays. LeetCode Link
  8. Longest Consecutive Sequence: Find the length of the longest consecutive elements sequence in an unsorted array. LeetCode Link
  9. Isomorphic Strings: Determine if two strings are isomorphic. LeetCode Link
  10. Four Sum: Find all unique quadruplets in an array that sum up to a target value. LeetCode Link
  11. Subarray Sum Equals K: Find the total number of continuous subarrays whose sum equals a target value K. LeetCode Link
  12. Minimum Index Sum of Two Lists: Find the common restaurants that have the least index sum from two lists. LeetCode Link
  13. Find All Anagrams in a String: Find all the start indices of anagrams of a substring in a string. LeetCode Link
  14. Top K Frequent Elements: Find the k most frequent elements in an array. LeetCode Link
  15. Minimum Window Substring: Find the minimum window in a string that contains all characters of another string. LeetCode Link

Bit Manipulation

  1. Single Number: LeetCode Link
  2. Single Number II: LeetCode Link
  3. Number of 1 Bits: LeetCode Link
  4. Reverse Bits: LeetCode Link
  5. Power of Two: LeetCode Link
  6. Counting Bits: LeetCode Link
  7. Bitwise AND of Numbers Range: LeetCode Link
  8. Bitwise XOR of Numbers Range: LeetCode Link
  9. Hamming Distance: LeetCode Link
  10. Single Number III: LeetCode Link
  11. Missing Number: LeetCode Link
  12. Maximum XOR of Two Numbers in an Array: LeetCode Link
  13. Total Hamming Distance: LeetCode Link
  14. Reverse Bits II: LeetCode Link
  15. Gray Code: LeetCode Link

Interview Preparation Tips

Preparing for a Directi interview involves a multi-faceted approach, as Directi is known for its rigorous selection process that tests not just technical skills but also problem-solving abilities, creativity, and communication skills. Here are some preparation tips to help you put your best foot forward:

Understanding the Company

  1. Research the Company: Understand Directi’s business model, work culture, and technologies they work with. The more you know about the company, the better.

Technical Preparation

  1. Algorithm and Data Structure: Mastering these is a must. Websites like LeetCode or GeeksforGeeks can be extremely helpful.
  2. System Design: For more experienced candidates, system design questions can be expected. Websites like Educative offer in-depth courses on this topic.
  3. Programming Language: Be comfortable with at least one programming language. Directi commonly uses languages like Java, C++, and Python.

Soft Skills

  1. Communication Skills: Be prepared to explain your thought process clearly. Practice explaining complex ideas as if you’re teaching them.
  2. Problem-Solving: Apart from coding problems, be ready for logical and reasoning questions that test your problem-solving skills.

Mock Interviews

  1. Mock Interviews: Consider scheduling mock interviews with friends or using platforms like Pramp. This can help you get used to the interview format.

Interview-Specific Preparation

  1. Past Experience: Be ready to discuss your past work experience, projects, and contributions.
  2. Behavioral Questions: Prepare answers for common behavioral questions like teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership scenarios.


  1. Follow Directi Blogs and Social Media: Keep an eye on their official blogs and social media channels. They often post insights and tips that can help you understand what they are looking for in candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I participate in Directi’s programs and events?
    You can visit Directi’s official website and navigate to the respective pages for more information and registration details.
  2. What skills do I need to have for the internships?
    The required skills vary based on the program. Some programs may require coding skills, while others may focus on leadership or research abilities.
  3. Are these opportunities available globally?
    Yes, Directi’s opportunities are open to students from around the world.
  4. How can I stay updated about upcoming events?
    You can follow Directi on social media platforms and subscribe to their newsletters to receive updates about upcoming programs and events
  5. What are the benefits of being a Campus Ambassador for Directi? As a Campus Ambassador, you’ll have the chance to develop leadership and communication skills, expand your network within the tech industry, and earn recognition for your contributions to the campus community.
  6. Is there an age restriction to participate in the Directi Fellowship Program? The Directi Fellowship Program is open to students of various age groups. What matters most is your passion, innovative idea, and dedication to making a positive impact.
  7. Are there any fees to participate in CodeChef contests? No, participating in CodeChef contests is absolutely free. CodeChef aims to provide a platform for learning and growth without any financial barriers.
  8. How can I prepare for CodeChef contests as a beginner? CodeChef offers practice problems and tutorials that cover a wide range of topics. Start with beginner-level problems, gradually increase the difficulty, and seek guidance from the CodeChef community if needed.
  9. Can I participate in both the Campus Ambassador Program and a Directi internship simultaneously? Yes, it’s possible to participate in both programs simultaneously, provided you can manage your time effectively and fulfill the responsibilities of both roles.
  10. What resources will be provided to Directi Fellowship Program participants? Participants in the Directi Fellowship Program receive mentorship, financial support for their projects, access to relevant resources, and a platform to showcase their work.
  11. How can participating in CodeChef SnackDown benefit my career? CodeChef SnackDown is a globally recognized coding competition. Participating and performing well can enhance your resume, demonstrate your coding skills to potential employers, and open doors to job opportunities in the tech industry

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